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Excel spreadsheets have become very useful today in doing different operations. The spreadsheet offers many columns where data entry is performed. When the data has been entered in the cells, various functions and formulas are used in analyzing your data. The calculations are performed very fast. If you have large data sources, you could still use the program to perform all calculations that you need. A small challenge is when you have eh source file stored in a different format on your computer. Using excel SQL query enables you to connect to various data sources parse table of contents and import the data. Visit to know more. 


Learn three ways to perform an Excel SQL query that will be useful when you want to parse the information and use it on excel spreadsheet. The first method is export SQL table to excel spreadsheet. This involves opening files stored in SQL format on your spreadsheet. The application offers the choice on which file you want to open. Find one with the SQL extension and open on MS excel. It will open without the need of another software to do the conversion.


Import JSON to Excel is a useful application which enables conversion of files in SQL format. The large data source can be problematic to open at times. You must download the JSON app which enables you to populate data table from JSON String in Excel. The application is small in size and compatible with your computer. When a file is opened in the app, it does the data conversion thus making it possible to get the desired formats which can be edited on excel. With Parse JSON String to Excel Using VBA, the format and data are left in the same manner.


When you want to import different figures like table into your excel spreadsheet, the option can be used where you use another file in the system. Create a drop-down in Excel and have the data extracted from your file of choice. Creating a Dependent Dropdown in Excel is simple, and this system will guide you in picking the columns which are essential for the computation to take place. Parse the tables and their data into your workbook. When you have learned different operations in data conversion, you will have an easy time working with various formats. The information is converted to a format you can work with comfortably and save. Get started at


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